Frequently Asked Questions

How much advance notice should I give for a custom cake order (Birthday, etc.)

Our cake decorator works limited hours. In order to guarantee your order on time, we will need you to place your order 24 hour in advance. In an emergency, we will make every effort to fill your order in less time.

Can I place an order for products by the case?

Yes, we offer a discount on case orders and it usually only takes a couple of days for us to get your order here.

Do you have Western Union Money Transfer?

No, however, we do have Western Union Money Orders.

Do you cut your own meat?

Yes, our meat department cuts fresh meat items and ground beef daily.

I live alone. Can you package products in smaller quantities in meat and produce departments?

Yes, if you do not find products packaged to meet your needs. Talk to an associate in that dept. and they will be glad to get you what you need.

Can I pay for nursery items in the store?

Sorry. The nursery has it own cash register and nursery items need to be rang up there.

Can you help me out with my groceries?

Yes, we always have an associate available to help with carry out.

What is your return policy?

We guarantee what we sell. If you don't need an item or are not satisfied with a product, return it with the receipt to our service counter for an exchange or refund. We have some limitations on items returned to our nursery because of weather and care that are out of our control. We do not take returns on perishable items, unless the product is bad.

Do you have organic, gluten free and vegetarian/vegan products?

Yes, we have a large selection of specialty foods that includes all of these items. You will also find additional products in our frozen and produce departments.

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